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Find your corals IDs. What’s this corals genus? Has it a fancy name, is it a special breed? Time to find out.

Corals come in various forms and colors. Even one specific species can have several color morphs. So coral breeders started to give their corals fancy names, to distinguish their corals from others. 

This site shall help you to identify corals your’re going to buy or you’re already keeping in your tank. You can filter for example by color, form, origin or species. 

It’s a fast way to get an ID for your coral. Or maybe you’re just fascinated by the colors and forms corals are showing ? Feel free to browse the directory.

Coral ID is a collaborative website that enables you to search for the ID of corals. A panel of experienced coral enthusiasts and breeders are adding new corals to this database. 

Corals needed!

If you’d like to support this project, there are two ways you can help us: apply as an author or contribute coral pictures.

Contribute coral photos

We’d like to collect all kinds of corals kept in aquariums and therefore we need your help. If you can provide photos of your corals in a good quality, please contribute them to As a thank you, we will name and link you under each of your pics.

Become an author

If you’re running a coral farm or you are an enthusiastic collector, it might be interesting for you to become an author. Then you can upload your corals and get an authors profile – free advertising for your business!