Our Vision

There is not yet a good website for quick identification of corals – although it would be so obvious.

Scientific registries, such as the WoRMs or the online version of the Veron, CoralsOfTheWorld.com, represent the state of research, but are too complex for private users.

In addition, in our hobby corals are also often named with trade names to distinguish color morphs of a species. These names, also called IDs, are not found in the scientific registers.

Coral-ID.org wants to close this gap. The access should be as simple as possible and allow a quick identification of corals.

Through simple filters, Coral-ID.org is designed to allow the aquarist to find out what kind of coral he’s looking at.

Visual characteristics, such as color and growth, narrow down the search results. This way, even newcomers to the hobby can identify a coral. Enthusiasts can also add species, genus or origin of the coral as a filter.

Coral profiles are contributed by authors from various fields. Coral breeders can add their signature corals to the registry themselves or send them to our expert team at Coral-ID.org so we can add the corals.

Coral-ID.org is free of charge for visitors and authors.
Coral-ID.org is international, independent and open to all.

Your benefits?

Coral-ID.org aims to become the international reference tool for easy identification of corals maintained in aquariums.

The service is intentionally limited to this function only in order to keep the access threshold low and thus reach a wide range of users. If you are represented on Coral-ID.org as an author or photo credit, you underpin your competence, expand your reach and generate customer contacts.

Become an author

As an author, your short bio will appear under each coral you post. A promotionally effective entry. The short bio links to your author profile, where you can add more detailed information. Here you can add photos, details about your breeding or business and link to your store. This is better than advertising – and free of charge.

Your chances and tasks as an author

As an author you are an important part of Coral-ID.org. You can add corals to our register via a simple form. In return, your short bio will be shown under each coral you add and a link to your author profile will be provided. This offers you the possibility to support your expertise and to generate contacts to new customers.

However, posting new corals requires a little preparation. You should know the exact Latin name of the coral and write a short description text. Advertising or topics that do not serve to describe the coral are not allowed at this point. And of course photos belong to every entry.

Last but not least, your entry will be reviewed by our experts and – if everything fits – approved! Thanks a lot! 

You can register here. Please send us your contact details. We will then create an account for you. 

Donate photos of corals

If you provide us with photos of corals, we will add them. As a thank you, you will be credited on the photo. You can also provide us with a link to which we will link in the credit.

Become a coral photo donator

You want to contribute something to Coral-ID.org, but don’t want to become an author yourself? No problem, also photos of corals help us.

If you want to send us photos of corals already listed on Coral-ID.org, please give us some information. Most important would be the ID. The easiest way is to write the ID of the coral in the file name.

And then we have the credit and the URL. The credit is a small text that names you as the author of the photo. The credit is clickable and with the URL, which you give us, you can determine where the click should lead to. Here you could link your website, Facebook or Insta.

How is Coral-ID.org financed?

The offered service is free of charge for users and authors. In return, Coral-ID.org places moderate advertising via the usual advertising networks. Coral-ID.org is financed by the advertising revenue.