How to submit a coral

You can use this simple form to efficiently submit a coral to the directory.

Name & Description

Coral Name

Type in here the common name, not the scientific. If there are several names this specific coral is called by, you can list those separated by a comma.


A short description would be perfect containing:

Color scheme
  • SPS: issue, polps, tips,
  • Zoa: tentacles, plate, rings, specles, mouth, etc
  • ect.

Where does it come from, who named it etc.


You can upload two photos at a time. When editing an article, you can add more pictures. The pictures shall be in a good quality and show the coral in different lighting conditions.

Important: Just upload pictures where you are the rights owner or you have the permission to use the images on this website!

Credit & URL

When adding a photo you got from another reefer, it’d be nice to honor the reefer by naming the pictures origin in the field Credit. If the donor has an insta or website, you can add this in the field URL.


By setting filters you can browse through the huge amount of coals to find you desired ID.


Define the main colors of the coral. Because several species are listed in this database, it isn’t distinguished between tissue, tips, polyps etc. It’s just the colors appearing.


The geographical origin of this coral.

Growth form

The overall structure.


How strict is the definition of the common name? Does it need to be a direct ascendant of the original breeding stock? Or is it ok to have the same genus and color morph? 


You can click through the taxonomy tree and choose the species of the coral. Just the last species is clickable. The whole scientific strain will be generated.